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Maximum Availability in your virtual servers.
Saas (Software As a Service)

This model of service allows any type of enterprise (small as they may be) to turn to a group of applications that let compete with bigger enterprises. This is made by renting a solution at a affordable monthly price. Cloux offers this service to any company and/or users wanting to begin to work, reducing infrastructure expenses and mainly implementation times. Maintenance and server administration is on us.

Advantages of SaaS

  1. Access to powerful applications at affordable prices (CRM, ERP, MAIL and Intelligent Collaboration)
  2. Removing of investments in licenses.>
  3. The costumer shall pay only for that they use.
  4. Availability 24/7
  5. Removing of hiding charges, maintenance, back-up copies.
  6. We have changed the concept of investment for “predictable expense”.
  7. Accessibility from anywhere, anytime.
  8. Immediate availability.
  9. The ability to take the software you have Quickbooks, PeachTree, your Current Windows based CRM into the cloud with out investing new software and elimitating hardware and support costs…

Who is it for?

  1. To enterprises with development environments and fixed term projects.
  2. To enterprises with on-going projects with variable needs as time goes by.
  3. To enterprises wishin to terminate the investment in IT to turn i tinto an actual charge with pay-per-use and without any commitment of permanence.

What We Do

  • Streaming Media
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Names
  • Application Hosting
  • Windows Hosting

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